Friday, February 16, 2007

New year celebrations

Whoops! That was the sound of a Valentine's Day arrow whizzing past - I missed it. I guess I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day although I like the idea of being able to tell special people that you love them. My 15 yr old son informed me last Tuesday that since I was in a long-term stable relationship (25 years of being married!), I didn't really need to do anything in the roses or chocolate department!

And now it is Chinese New Year. Gong xi fa cai to all my Chinese students. I expect my pronunciation is shocking - and maybe this is the Cantonese version?

I learnt lots about Chinese New Year when I went to live in Brunei (see map if you have no idea where Brunei is). The date was just a few days after we arrived and we were still living in a hotel. One night we were woken out of our sleep by all the firecrackers being let off just under our window. I enjoyed seeing all the Chinese shops and homes decorated and visiting Chinese friends who always had delicious food and those lovely easy-to-peel oranges. And my kids liked the red envelopes with crisp dollar notes inside!

I actually have to confess that I don't know when other Asian countries celebrate New Year. Maybe you could add a comment below or on the podcast to let me know? And what special celebrations do you have? And if you are Chinese, is it difficult celebrating away from home?
I'm hoping to catch the lanterns and maybe a lion dance this weekend at the celebrations in Albert Park...
Listen to this on my souNZ English podcast.


Anonymous said...

I have cerebrated chinese new year every years at first day and month of the year on chinese calender.

we have watched the beautiful lion dance in sky city from first new year until 15 days.My daughters love it.

Karen Haines said...

Where did you see the Lion Dance? Was it here in Auckland at Sky City? And did they really have it for a fortnight? I remember one of my boys being petrified the first time he saw a lion dance - he was about eighteen and didn't like the loudness of the drums, nor the scary 'monster'!

Anonymous said...

Hey ya. Yes Khoo's Lion dance group performs at Auckland sky city everyday until the lantern festival. They start at seven. If you do end up going, could you please post some photos, i havent been able to see them perform in years. Thanks