Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AK 07

Something to be aware of is the Auckland Festival which is happening over the next couple of weeks. It's an Arts Festival which means that it includes not just Art (as in painting, drawing etc) but the Arts - dance, music, drama. Sometimes these are called the Performing Arts.

Not only will the Sky Tower have fireworks this Thursday (8th) but it will be lit up by orange lights for the duration of the Festival. More fireworks can be seen for free in the Auckland Domain on Sat night (10th) when it gets dark. There's some music beforehand. Put on by French Groupe F, and looks like it will be very cool.

I'm particularly interested in the Festival because my daughter is involved in putting on an event there for young people. She is one of the Young Producers, who won a competition last year to be able to put on this concert. Ripped is a five hour event with all sorts of different bands and craft stalls, not to mention an air band competition. It would be great to see some of you there... Sat 17th March, Red Square, Downtown Auckland, near Britomart.

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