Sunday, September 09, 2007

A memorable birthday

For my 40th birthday my husband organised for me and two of my closest friends to have a ride over Auckland in a hot air balloon. It was a complete surprise when he woke me around 5 in the morning and explained what was happening. I was too excited to feel scared. As we watched the gas flames heating the air and 'blowing up' the balloon, I did feel a little nervous. The balloon was HUGE! I hate heights, so as we drifted away from the ground, I was very careful to look out rather than down! We had a wonderfully clear morning and could see right across the upper harbour area. After a while in the air, I started to feel much more comfortable.

However, coming down was interesting. Obviously, controlling where the balloon landed was something of an art and our man was an expert. But he still managed to land rather bumpily in a field full of cows on the side of a hill. A few months later, the very same balloon that we had been in actually landed in the mudflats in the harbour and the passengers had to be rescued by boat! I'm glad that it wasn't us : )

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