Wednesday, May 21, 2008


A pun is when a joke is based on two different meanings of words that sound the same.

Here are some examples - listen to the jokes that involve these puns at souNZ English

Friday is a weak (ie. not strong) day OR a weekday
it came back to me – I remembered how to do it OR the boomerang curved back to me. (NB. a boomerang is an Aborigine weapon that you throw and it will curve back towards you in a circle)
a Mercedes Benz/bends
it hit me – I understood something OR the baseball actually hit me
a full stop marks the end of a sentence (a sentence in writing OR a prison sentence)
No change yet! Ie. His condition hasn’t changed OR no money has been given in coins
You can’t beat it! – you can’t do anything better OR you can’t hit a drum with a hole in it

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