Monday, September 08, 2008

Fair trade

These are some of the main words from the NZ Trade Aid site from their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. Fair Trade is something that I feel strongly about - easy for us to do here in NZ and can make a big difference to poverty in developing countries. Check out the website if you are interested...

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Lochan said...

I noticed that only products from underdeveloped countries are targeted for fair trade certification. Is there fair trade also for say Macdonald's or Coca Cola? Do you ask for a Fair Trade Coke? If it is applicable mostly to developing countries then does that not act as some sort of non tariff barrier? Will it not then actually punish the very people we want to help?

What happens if some progressive company does not want to be certified by fair trade? Does that mean we punish them and their workers by not buying their products?

All difficult questions and no easy answers!